Trekking the Singalila range












Last week, with some of my best people, I set off on an overnight train to Darjeeling to do a trek across some of the world’s most beautiful land: The Himalayas. Guided by the wonderful Ashmita Trek company we spent five days walking and climbing along the border of Nepal and India, amidst rhodedendrum forests (sadly out of bloom!), swallowed by clouds over snow covered peaks and passing through slow-paced villages with welcoming fires and warm food.

We walked roughly 80Km and climbed a height of 3600m. Some might call it an easy trek – and as we caught a glimpse of Everest after he came out from hiding behind the clouds we were reminded of how easy our path really was – but we certainly found it a challenge, and the altitude and the cold winter made it all the harder.

Should you find yourself in the treasure that is West Bengal, be sure to take yourself off to the Singalila range. You can only do it if you’re accompanied by a guide, and I can highly recommend the guidance of Ashmita Tours, who arrange all the accommodation and meals in homestays along the way, and if you’re lucky they might even teach you how to cook Momos, give you a taste of the local Moonshine beer and sing Nepalese folk songs into the night!